Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Thing #23

First of all I took to much time before I started doing the 23Things on a stick. Some of this was because I thought I had lots of time and some because I thought I would be able to do some of this at work.

I was only able to do a few of them at work. There was 2 reasons for this. Some of the sites are blocked at our school...and the other reason is that when I am trying to learn new technology I need to "think". My job is such that I do not have very much quiet time and even when I do I do not have it for long periods of time.

I was ok with doing the 23Things at home. I found that once I started doing them I spent several hours at a time on my computer. It was time well spent. Even if I do not use 1/2 of the tools I was introducted to in this project, I will have considered it a success. I am going to try to start over. I learn by doing. The more time I try something new the more it makes sense.

Thanks for the opportunity to use these new "Things".


Thing #22

The first link I choose from Thing #22 was the WebJunction. I was excited to see the free online training. I have taken several fun class from HPonline. When I was on the WebJunction website I signed up for one of the online classes. I will defiitely use the online classes that are offered.

I will try to continue to use my blog to record how I liked the online class.

Thing #21

I thought that Thing#21 was interesting. I liked the WebJunction article. We use to have a "floating inservice" day for teachers/staff at our school district. We had classes on technology for some of the choices. Several of the classes were multiple sessions. On the first session we taught the new technology. On the second session we allowed the staff members to be project to do that used the technology taught at the previous session. This allowed people to not only see how people were using the technology but if any problems occurred there was someone there to help them solve the problem.

I had some issues adding the Ning Badge. I was successful after reading the hint regarding adding the >embed to the html string.

I will definitely spend more time with all of these Things this summer. Right now I feel that I am aware of most of the new technology but would struggle to with some of the items. I was recently able to help a student with her blog and I was proud of myself and she was thankful that I knew how to help her.

I may have to work more on #21 but I can't remember my password for Ning and our school email filter will only allow me to see the reset password email in the next day.

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